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The Human Hibernation Initiative

Making hibernation a commercially available product

Help us unlock the future of human hibernation

The Future Applications of

Human Hibernation Are Endless!

Technological Goals.

Antonymous and Self-Sustaining Sleep Pods from chamber. Advance Engineering Design and Functionality. Development of a 3rd party quantum computer management and reporting system

Sleep Pod Features.

Deep hibernation pods daily treat the occupant to: UV light sessions,
Ultra sonic Vibrational treatment and electro-pulse physical stimulation
system. All pods monitor health, brain mood activity, this compensate
environment to allow for peak health at end of hibernation cycle.

Deep Space Travel.

Hibernation tests for deep space travel require the ability to sustain
life of occupants for over 10 years in hostel environments. We plan to
set up test bases in areas deep underwater and Antarctic to mimic deep


 Joey Wargachuk

Toronto-based science fiction author Joey Wargachuk is making plans to travel 33 years into the future and to finance the whole unique experience by crowdfunding.

His first story, The App of Time Travel was published in 2014, takes  readers on a wild adventure through time as a young high school student from Toronto unlocks the secrets of the universe. The first book in a series of 5.

For Wargachuk there is no help from natural, conventional aging; nor even from time travel. Instead, he plans to become the first person ever to volunteer to go into a long-term deep hibernation.

The technology used to accomplish it will be spearheaded through private engineering, inspired by NASA’s current human hibernation research for future possible deep space missions.

Wargachuk is seeking to raise an extraordinary $4 million to fund his dream on the crowdfunding site, Indiegogo. This will be for research, testing and ultimately, the final Mission – planned for 2017, when Wargachuk will enter a pod to deep sleep and to awaken 33 years later in 2050.